Aug 28, 2010

Battlefield Bad Company 2: M1 vs M14

Someone requested a video of the M1 Garand, and since I kind of half arsed the M14 video, I made a dual tutorial/comparison video.

And now to make up for my incoherent mumblings, I've added subtitles :D

This video is mainly aimed at those who haven't unlocked either of these guns, although players already used to them may (or may not) find some useful info from this.
The M1 Garand and M14 are pretty much identical, with the exception of the M14 having an extra 2 bullets.
Damage wise, the most shots you'll need to kill someone is around about 4-6 or 3-4 if using magnum ammo.
Also note that range plays a big part in how many bullets you'll need, but as general rule of thumb with any gun in this game...
Closer you are, the less shots you need.

Aug 25, 2010

Using the G3

About time I made a video using the G3.

It's a a blown up MP5 that breaks people.....quickly.

Being able to kill in 4-6 shots and 3-4 with magnum ammo, makes this gun lethal in the right hands...that is if you can handle the recoil.

I am no means an expert with the gun but the video below will hopefully give you a quick insight to using the weapon and handling the recoil by pulling down your mouse when firing and shooting in small bursts.

Oh and I shoot the wall a lot to give you people an idea on spray patterns.

This gun kicks like a mule.

I love it.
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